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Art Basel '14 Miami Wynwood District

December 09, 2014

This year Art Basel '14 in the Midtown and Wynwood art district of Miami was another awesome experience.  I wanted to share with you my experience and show some of the awesome pieces of art that I saw and experienced, yes some pieces were more than just a visual but an experience. Come Ride with me.

I saw a couple of these installations of these dudes as props (they're not real) doing various and crazy things.  This one was kinda funny.  He's a Plant Holder.  I can imagine this thing scaring the daylights outta me when I come home late one night after a couple drinks.



The Detail this artist was painting with was unreal.. Very Dope piece



There's nothing like a Chimp telling you to Follow your Dreams.. Love this piece.. 


These guys were getting there painting on in the Wynwood Art District.  They had the whole side of this building looking sweet.  I didn't get a chance to see it completed.  Will be great to follow up with this piece to see it completed.



This Installation Is really an amazing piece of Art.  The Colors are so vibrant, the context is surreal.  Awesome... I really liked this one  



The Subtlety of this painting was really the case of less is more.  I wonder if the numbers have a special of hidden message.


This was like an outside club in the Wynwood Art district, this party was about to get real live.  The good essence was permeating the air, the music was pumping, the police was outside not sweating a thing. Good vibes.. Good Vibes.



This was an amazing piece exploring the art of perspective.  all made of wood, the characters inside the art pieces were also made and carved out of wood.  looking straight into the installation it looks as if it is deep inside of if you would be able to walk right inside, however the entire installation is only about 2 feet deep at most, Most incredible trickery for your senses.


A little odd but still a very dope piece of art.  I think that is whats makes this piece so awesome.

This piece was just amazing.. Surrealism at its finest in my opinion.



This was an amazing piece, She looked so realistic it was actually very scary..



Another ultra realistic piece of art.. I was trying to see who could stare the longest without blinking..


The End...