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The ElectronicaTesla #CutandSew S/S Tee. Premium Quality Goods....

September 16, 2015

The ElectronicaTesla #CutandSew S/S Tee. Premium Quality Goods. When I designed this piece, I had this one tune on the mind, and that was the record #ExhibitC by #JayElectronica produced by @JustBlaze. An incredible piece of artistry. The Combination of Nikola Tesla, One of the greatest minds of the twentieth Century and JayElectronica One of the Greatest Mc’s of the twenty1st Century. The Result is this beautiful conversational piece of artwork with the lyrics of ExhibtC intricately woven into and around Nikola Tesla face, hair and jacket. #ABRACADABRA. This piece is dedicated to one of our living legends, Jay Electronica. | Available now in the Online Shop.. Pop in and check out the Hidden Gems woven into the design | #DMStreetGeek #menswear #streetwear #Streetgeek #tshirtlife #Miami #Miamiflow #NikolaTesla #Artlife