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its late, still working

April 29, 2013

Its 3:08am and it seems like there is a mountain of things to accomplish and finish in order to get my dream flourishing eg: my apparel company.  Its been a long arduous road thus far and it seems like I have some far to go..  Well I have to say today was a beautiful day. I did get to spend it with my family, Which we all woke up this morning, well yesterday morning to be exact, to smiles and cheerful hearts.  I flew my Kite with my daughter for the first time today and she was so amazed and intrigued with my kite it was beautiful just watching the wonder in her little eyes.  I did watch Django tonight with a sidecar of a pretty good tequila. So as my daughter has just decided to go back to sleep for the night (crossing my fingers) I can continue building this website (hope you guys like it). Apart for building this website I have a couple more Tech Paks and artwork to finish up for some upcoming styles I have in the works.  I'm not complaining about the massive amount of work i have in my patch, to be quite honest I really enjoy and love what i'm doing, I've been doing this for  years without making 1 red cent.  A Labor of love….. and from this labor of love you will be able to tell in every choice of fabric, every cut and every stitch that we here at Darqmatter uses will be with good intentions and good energy.