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Tech Paks are in the Air...

June 06, 2013

All Tech Paks are finished and out the Door..

So finally I got all my tech paks finished up and out the door, they are in the air and off to the factories…  Hopefully all my styles will come back looking even more dope than whats on my computer screen…  Im really excited to get these pieces to you guys and to the market place..  As we are a very small operation right now we are doing everything ourselves. From me doing all of the Designing, making all the tech paks, conducting Fittings, Corrections, color approvals, trim approvals, buying. You name it, I do believe I have a hat to wear for it.. Whoever said the fashion industry was glamorous was totally mistaken as this is a hard hustle.  Anyways, I should be getting my samples back in about 3weeks, I'll keep you guys up to date on how they came out..