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Who are Stars and Who are Blacq Holes.

June 24, 2013

I've come up with this ingenious idea (sarcastically) to write about a product, a design company or a person or persons who I think is really taking culture, whether it be design, street or the technology culture to the next level.   Someone or Something that I really respect, look up too or draw inspiration from.  These are the energies that darqmatter likes to align ourselves with,  "the stars" who are on the cutting edge, who push the envelope so to speak, who are the taste makers, mover and shakers in any industry.  So going forward I will periodically write about something or someone who I think has a great idea, a great style, or a dope business acumen.  I do hope its as interesting to you as they or it is to me.  I'll try to keep a steady flow and a consistent time frame for publishing new material.  Thanks and stay tuned.