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Inspiration from them Jenkins Boys

September 17, 2013

Leroy Jenkins:

A Brand that has been around since the mid-2000's, These guys really started the all over print specifically the floral print hoody craze back in 05'.  I really like this company since their inception and emergence onto the fashion scene.  I always try to keep up with these guys to see what they are doing especially when you know one of the duo (Ron Upperman and Upendo Taylor) that comprise the team Leroy Jenkins.  To be honest I kinda know Ron, I would bump into him in the morning in the elevator on my way to work for a denim street wear company, at the time and he was going to his offices at Leroy Jenkins in the same building in Manhattan Nyc.  We would mostly silently greet each other with a "Whats up" head nod in the morning, because lets face it, most New Yorkers are not to chatty in the morning.  
So being that as it was, I would always marvel at how these young cats were really doing it, They were really living their dreams and doing what they wanted.  They had made such a ripple effect in the market place that many bigger brands had to take notice and many (Bite) their style so to speak, Now the whole Floral motif, whether it be used on a bucket hat, hoody, sweatshirt, pocket of a Tee, really the roots grow right back to Leroy Jenkins.  Their design aesthetic is really dope with a direction that I can really see lasting the rigors of time in this industry.  I have been really inspired by these guys and their body of work, hope to keep seeing them in the future.
Check em out….