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DarqMatter (We Are The four.9%)

November 20, 2013

The AMS connected to the room station's outdoor (NASA)
This month is Global Astronomy Month (GAM2013) organized by my neighbors Astronomers Without Borders (AWB). There is a entire host of occasions going on right this time to enhance astronomy throughout the global community, plus because a element of GAM2013, AWB are hosting daily blogs from customer astronomers, writers, physicists plus others with a background inside area. Today (April 11) was my turn, thus I wrote a website regarding the fascinating initially results to be announced found on the International Space Station instrument the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer — or AMS for brief.

Although the AMS’ latest results recommend positrons with a signature power indicative of the annihilation of dark matter — especially hypothetical weakly interaction huge particles (WIMPS) — it isn’t final proof of dark matter (despite what the tabloid click might’ve told you). But nevertheless, it’s exciting plus another component of the enduring look for 95.1% of the mass-energy of the universe which is secured inside the mysterious plus perplexing dark matter plus dark stamina.

You will read my website found on the AWB website: “Dark Matter: We Are The four.9%