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When Knowledge meets Style and Sophistication

When Knowledge meets Style and Sophistication

January 02, 2019

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“Annuit Coeptis" can be translated as “He approves [of our] undertakings.“ Who is the “He” in the translation referring to? I will assume the “He” is referring to “God”, that he himself is approving of all and has approved of the deeds and actions of the United States in forming of a new union. A New World Order.⠀

When Knowledge meets Style and Sophistication there is a sense of the World that you embody that no other can steal or replicate.  Most people don't know, will no never know what these latin words mean let alone know that these very words exist on our United States Currency hidden in plain sight.

Not you.. This Style, This Tee has Found you.. This message has found you for a purpose. The purpose is not only embody your temple with this fresh Tee but to extend your perception mentally and philosophically beyond the boundaries of this post and the currency you have inside your pocket but to continue to search, pursue, discover the truth behind this One World Government..

Stay Frosty! 

the Oracle Project. This Premium CutandSew Tee is sure Fire🔥🔥 🔥. The Hand Embroidery detail hit at Chest bridges the gap of streetwear and luxury. 

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