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Taking a minute to stop and smell the Roses, in the Oracle.

Taking a minute to stop and smell the Roses, in the Oracle.

January 26, 2019

Taking a minute to stop and smell the Roses, while you take a minute to check out this new drip we lacing you with… ⠀

Introducing the Oracle Premium Quality Cut&Sew T'Shirt, Hand Embroidery Chest Details, Sets this Shirt apart&🚀off.⠀
We here @DarqMatter Pride OurSelves on Building Our Own Lane here in the Streetwear Game. By Adding a dash of luxe and a sprinkle of simplicity.  The Oracle speaks for itself.

The inspiration for the Oracle shirt came to fruition when pulling some cash out of my pocket. Just glancing down at the bill with no interest in mind at the time, in my minds👁it held the image of the infamous all seeing👁a top of the pyramid.  The 👁always staring back, as I have spent and/or received cash. I wanted to take this concept to expound on it and make it into something artistically attractive, interesting but at the same time filled with information that's both factual and interesting at the same time.  The Science, knowledge that surrounds the Dollar Bill is expansive and probably way too much and long to fit inside this blog post but I will try my best to hit some of the really good points about the currency that we use day to day.
The verbiage that encircles the pyramid reads "Annuit Coeptis".  This is a Latin word that means "He approves of Our undertakings" or "He is pleased with what we are doing". I asked myself  "Who is pleased with your undertakings" I wondered..? In my Research I discovered "He" the all-seeing eye 👁is pleased.  "Who is referred to as having an all-seeing eye" you may ask... God... So God is pleased with the undertakings of the so-called Freemasons in their Creating of what they call, "Novos Ordo Seclorum" the 2nd part of the verbiage that encircles the pyramid and the all-seeing👁, which is also Latin which means New World Order. Hidden in plain sight they are telling us that GOD is pleased with the undertakings that the New World Order is presiding over... yeah I kno😳Crazy Right!?!
I designed the Snake to form the Letter "S" in the word "Seclorum" a tongue and cheek way of saying the New World Order is controlled by figuratively of course snakes but also as the white🐇rabbit holes go deeper, there are some who believe the Draco Reptilian and ancient race that either was here long before humans or came down from the so-called heavens.  But that's a whole different can of worms we're not going to open today.
The Chest Artwork is really kool because it adds a traditional yet skilled art form into the mix, a sense of luxury injected into these pieces I designed. I first printed the image onto the shirt however it needed a more pronounced statement, I wanted to make the chest hit stand out in more like in a 3dimensional way, so I hand embroidered all the pieces inside the DMD Atelier. Yes all by hand✍🏾, I could have taken the easy route and got all the pieces embroidered by machine.  For me just knowing that a piece of clothing I'm wearing was actually handled, constructed and/or embroidered by the designer him/herself makes those goods or garment that much more valuable to me personally.  This is the direction➡️Luxe Streetwear is taking now.  Because we live in such a mass market, a cookie cutter society, the cheapest and most cost-effective way is often overshadowed by Quality and Attention to Details. Today I believe these traditional art forms like hand embroidery, quality, and attention to detail gets lost in the quest for making the all mighty dollar... Pun Intended😉.

👇🏾Take a Look at How I Hand Embroidered the Oracle Shirt👇🏾


The Back Artwork is an Original Piece I designed and created from the same Dollar bill I had in my pocket...  I took the bill, scanned it at a really High dpi, the visual result was amazing, regarding how much detail i was able to capture, however, the image file size was tremendous,  I was able the work out the kinks and make the image come to life... check it out below.

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