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There is no Coincidences.

February 14, 2017

There is no coincidences. A little inside scoop on the design aesthetic of DarqMatter Design. I incorporate the Sacred Alignment of the Constellation Orion which coincides with the Pyramids of the Giza Plateau into many of the design aesthetic of DarqMatter. The sacred knowledge of astronomical knowledge from antiquity has always fascinated me and to this day. I devote countless hours studying and researching the truths of this ancient knowledge. Many of my designs and artwork, if you pay attention you will find subtle occurrences of the 3 main stars from Orion’s belt in my artwork and designs. The number 3 is also important as well in DarqMatter Design ethos. As the Number 3 has universal, mystical, sacred, and divine properties you will also find this throughout my artwork, rather it be from the DarqMatter Design Logo to the many designs I create. Know that when your wearing DarqMatter Design you are definitely wearing a conversational piece that was made with thought, some hidden knowledge and a little style thrown in there as well.| the BilderBerd, the Nommo, the Betelgeuse..