DarqMatter Lifetime Free Concierge

Wash, Press & Fold Concierge Service

Darqmatter Nommo black and WhiteShirt Folded Neatly on Table
You are the one of the 1st to be a part of a revolutionary idea and movement.  Never before has an apparel company taken to leap to care for the apparel they produce for its family members (customers).
When you purchase any apparel piece from DarqMatter. We will service your garment for you, we will wash, press it and refold it, so it's just like new, we will then re-mail it back out to you all free of charge. 
Concierge service is extended gratis 2 times a month per family member (customer).
Just send us a message with the subject title (Concierge Service). We will arrange to send you a pre-paid postage for you to print out on your end,  you just send us your DarqMatter garment.
We'll gently Wash, professionally press and fold your garment just lie its brand new, repackage it and resend back out to you so that you stay looking fresh and clean. 
Luxury Concierge Service just for you.