As Our Small but Growing Streetwear Brand is Starting to Spread, The response has been overwhelmingly positive... This is the beginning of a new movement on streetwear I feel. I real homegrown, grassroots streetwear brand that's all about creativity, workmanship, details, and quality. The Proof is in the pudding as you can see. Definitely, more to follow. Send us a photo with you or tag us on Instagram, we would love to add you to our story...
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Brand New DarqMatter FAM just Copped the Ocean Drive and the Electronica Tesla.

Just Grabbed the Electronica Tesla... Yours Truly Rocking the HardBody...

The Voltaire is a Must Have... If You Know You Know!!!

A Real Miami Git Catching a Vibe in DarqMatter ThoroughBred Premium Quality Tee...

Even the Beautiful Ladies Diggin DarqMatter...😁


Premium LifeStyle Visionaries

We create and curate thought-provoking pieces that we hope to inspire positive conversation, emotions, intriguing cerebral tickling with pieces crafted and designed to anchor your closet, not your recycling bin. We draw inspiration from the Sciences, Spirituality, Politics, Music, Cultures and the many Religions throughout the world that make up "us", the HUMAN RACE.

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