• Darqmatter Design has been inspired by the African tribe the Dogon from the West African country Mali for quite some time now. The creation story of the Dogon is amazing, there Ancient knowledge of the Universe, the constellation Sirius is to this day uncanny and for Western Culture and Society, brand new knowledge. I played with the idea and reinterpreted Nommos the Dogon Sirius Amphibious God as a camouflaged Seahorse. The back details the Beautiful Sirius Constellation and the World underneath with Mali highlighted. The imprint of the Golden Ratio is Throughout the Universe, as well as here on Earth. You can see this from the formation of Spiral Galaxies, Sea Shells, Sunflowers and Even in the Curled tail of the Seahorse.(1.618)

    • 100% Cotton
    • 7oz goods
    • Cut & Sewn for DarqMatter Design
    • Printed in USA by the good folks at DarqMatter®
    • Hi-Fidelity digital Print on Sleeve, Front and Back Body
    • Custom Neck and SideSlit GrossGrain Tape "Lifestyle Visionaries for the Conscience Minded StreetGeek"
    • Left and Right Side Slits
    • Custom Chainstitch from Side Slits to Underarm Seam
    • Short Sleeve
    • Crew Neck
    • DarqMatter logo satin Interior Woven label
    • Imported
  • If at any time you experience any problems relating to our production or our printing, please email or click the "Hit Us Up" tab on the lower left hand side of your page.  We will do our best to either repair or replace your item.

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From Mali West Africa to the Sirius Constellation.

Beautiful Camo'd Out Sehorses.

Inspired by the Dogon Tribe of Mali, Aquatic "GOD" Nommo from the Sirius Constellation.

Back Artwork Details the World with Mali Underneath the Sirius Star Constellation.

A Wealth of Gems in the Dope Conversational Piece. "If you know you know".

We use the highest quality 100%Cotton and garment inks available today. Every piece is inspected and handled by people that take pride in their craft.

What Comes Inside Your Box

  • Branded and Sturdy Shirt Box to keep&store your new T-shirt inside.
  • Your Tee is Carefully and Beautifully wrapped in tissue paper.
  • You'll receive a hand written and signed Thank you card from the Design Director.
  • You'll also receive a couple surprise goodies to make your smile and brighten your day.
  • 100% Quality Guaranteed.

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